Who we are

Our number 1 priority it's our clients. That's why we make everything we can to satisfy them at 100%. A part of our work is to respond to special offers, which is why it's possible to create your own Fol-Ard (scarf) by choosing the options you desire. You juste to go in the section ON DEMAND.

At all time, You can contact us HERE, for all your questions regarding purchase, shipping, confection or after sale service on our products.

You can also reach us by phone :
         Julie Isabelle : 514-743-1178
         Mylène : 450-834-4154

Since forever we are passionate by arts in different sphere, so why not transform our passion into fulltime job? Here we are!

Julie Isabelle Chayer

I am professionnal accountant technician. The relationship between the numbers and the creation is so close! Numbers are tangible and creation is concrete and visible. I also had the need to create. Art gives me the opportunity to express my self, release me and show me. As much I enjoy myself to do it in imperfection in my personnal life, as much as I put pressure on myself doing it for ithers. Beleive me, you will never by a product in which I don't fill pride in it's quality and confection.

Mylène Nadon

I own a BACC and I have a strong experience in project management. I always wanted to have my own business, what's better than to do it with a friend and a  peerless partner with who I share the same passion. Art passionnate me and I love to practice it.



Our desire is to innovate in an excentric ways in the creation of novel and practicle items. An online presence allow us to respond to an international and trendy clientele, by offering original , unique, versatile and chic products at the same time. 

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