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Payer plus cher ! Économique et écologique :)

Pay more! Economical and ecological :)

For adventurers and lovers of our planet and quality, welcome to this new blog article, where we explore together the power of consuming in a more thoughtful and responsible way.
In an era where fast fashion reigns supreme, it’s crucial to remember that paying more can actually be more economical and environmentally friendly in the long run. This is why today I invite you to think about your consumption choices and consider the benefits of investing in quality, locally made and environmentally friendly products.
Cheap, fast fashion may seem attractive at first glance, but at what cost to our planet and our wallets? In fact, many clothes are designed to last for one season and then, presto! In the garbage. By opting for quality clothing, made with sustainable materials and in ethical conditions, you are investing in pieces that will last through the seasons. At Fol-Artists, I believe in the sustainability and quality of my products. Each piece is designed to stand the test of time, reducing the need to frequently replace your clothing and minimizing your environmental footprint.
The majority of clothes purchased in supermarkets are manufactured abroad, often in precarious working conditions and with little attention paid to the environmental impact? By choosing locally manufactured products, like those I offer, you support the Quebec economy while reducing carbon emissions linked to the transport of goods. Not only are Fol-Artists products sewn in Quebec, but all the raw materials necessary for the manufacture of my products are purchased in Montreal. Some fabrics from my suppliers come from China, but many are made and printed in Montreal.
More and more, I try to use natural fibres in the manufacture of my clothing accessories. Organic cotton, tencel, and other sustainable materials are not only better for the environment, but also better for the skin. While looking new for years. By choosing clothing made from these materials, you are helping to reduce plastic pollution and preserve our oceans. That is to say that in materials like polyester, for example, there are micro plastic particles which are found in the water (and therefore, the oceans) with each wash.
In addition to the materials used in the manufacture of products, we must also think about ecological packaging. I take great care not to use plastic to package products. Boxes and bags are made from recyclable kraft paper and cardboard, without harmful dyes. So you can enjoy your purchases knowing that you are helping to preserve our planet for future generations.
Together, let’s choose more conscious and responsible consumption. Opt for sustainability, quality and ethics with Fol-Artist.

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