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Astuces d’Été : Pour maximiser votre foulard multifonction

Summer Tips: Maximize Your Multifunction Scarf

Summer is the perfect season to experiment with your Fol-Artists multifunctional scarf. Whether to protect yourself from the sun, add a touch of style to your outfit, or even carry your essentials, here are some ideas for using your scarf in a practical and elegant way.
Whether at the beach, during a long walk in the city under the sun or even in a convertible, the multifunction scarf is your number 1 ally! By wearing the hooded scarf you will be protected from the sun, but it will also keep you cool, and will also add a chic touch to your summer look.
When it’s hot, the last thing you want is to carry a heavy, bulky backpack. Use your scarf as a shoulder bag to carry your essentials. Slip your phone, keys and wallet into the secret pocket and you’re ready to go hands-free.
On the way, you decide to go to a restaurant, but the air conditioning can sometimes be a little too cool. Transform your scarf into a bolero to cover your shoulders and stay comfortable while enjoying your meal. Also perfect when the sun sets and the coolness sets in.
When you go out for a walk with your pooch, use your scarf to carry your pet’s small essentials: bags, treats, and even a small bottle of water. No need to carry a bulky backpack, you can go hands-free and have peace of mind.
Finally, don’t forget that your scarf is above all a fashion accessory. Wear it with your casual outfits, your sun dress or even during your more chic evenings, like a wedding, for example.
These are just a few examples, but it can be used in so many more activities! How do you use your multifunctional scarf in summer?

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